Why Manage with Us

Manage With Rhodes Realty

Rhodes Realty understands that each client is unique  and we tailor a bespoke service for you 

Our property management team are specialists in managing your asset, we go the extra mile, finding ways to maintain the value of your property and optimise the return.  Our property managers love what they do, they are focused on building long term relationships with you, understanding your property and its history and making sure your tenant is responded to efficiently and effectively.  

Rather than being aspiring sales people, they are dedicated to being experts in their specialised field, their market place and being up to date with the rules and regulations so that risk is minimised.  

Our team is arguably the most experienced team in  the Homebush Bay precinct.  Our Managing Director, Greg Timms,  has been instrumental in the growth of our portfolio  for well over a decade. His unwavering  vision  is to amass a loyal clientele, supported by  a long standing and stable team who adhere to  ethical business practices.   Our team is driven by his  long term view of the business- guiding our clients to make educated, proactive choices to ensure reliable income, keep your property in great condition and take care of the details to simplify your investment experience – paying regular bills, reviewing rent at the appropriate time and organising maintenance with cost effective tradespeople.  

How we help our landlords 

Having decades of experience means  we’ve op streamlined the property management lifecycle by breaking it down into six specialised duties: 


Our marketing is strategic and supported by our landmark office, right in the heart of Rhodes. Our media and quality imagery and messaging helps to attract the very best candidates who will take good care of your property.  Finding long term quality  tenants is the secret to uninterrupted income.  


Payment of outgoings, collection of rent, an ownership portal and end of financial year statements make it easier to track the performance of your investment.  We can further enhance the experience with assisting with preparation of Depreciation Schedules, payment of Land Tax and Landlord Insurance.  


Landlords need to ensure they comply with a range of legislative requirements to mitigate risk to tenants. We have routine processes to ensure smoke alarms, water saving, and pool safety measures are checked and compliant 


 We conduct regular inspections to ensure your property is well kept  as well as collect the rent, arrange repairs and maintenance with our hand-picked, cost effective and reliable tradespeople- our aim is to have a ‘set and forget’ experience.  


We can help you plan ahead by reviewing rents at agreed intervals to ensure your rent is at the appropriate level, provide a proactive maintenance plan to help you budget for larger maintenance expenses and improvements, and help assess the market value of your property on demand. We can represent you at Tribunal when disputes arise and lodge insurance claims when things don’t go to plan.