Steps to Selling

  1. Research the market 
    Our online valuation tool can help you with initial research of recent sales, market trends and demographic information.    
  2. Book your appraisal
    We help you to answer the question “What is your property worth?” By reviewing the unique features of your property, against similar properties sold in recent months, properties currently on the market as well as local market data and wider economic conditions,  we help you to understand the likely selling price.  
  3. Choose a seliing method
    By reviewing the property type,  location market conditions, anticipated demand for your property as well as your desired time frame to sell and your personal preferences, we can help you to select the best way to sell your home.  
    The most common sale methods are:
    • Private treaty / private sale 
    • Auction 
    • Tender/expression of interest
  4. Prepare for sale
    Styling, in our experience can maximise  the final sales price and reduce the days on market, as it amplifies the emotional appeal of a property. We can help to arrange a styling consultation.  We also find making small repairs and repainting can enhance the first impression, while decluttering and spring cleaning make it so much easier for buyers to visualise themselves in the space.  
  1. Draw up a contract for sale 
    Before we can discuss the property with any potential buyers or start any marketing, a contract for sale is required to be drafted by a legal representative. At this point, you should consider the settlement period, inclusions and exclusions and any other special terms you require.  
  2. Market your property 
    Crafting  a marketing campaign that reaches all possible buyers in the local, Greater Syndey and wider market places, can have a big impact on your final sales price.  

    As marketing costs our property are separate to the agent’s commission,  you should consult with us to consider the options that will maximise impact:  
    • Professional photography, copy writing, floor plan, video 
    • Signboards  
    • Digital advertising 
    • Real estate websites 
    • Drop cards and property brochures 
    • Data base marketing 
  3. Negotiate and sign a contract for sale 
    We are are skilled negotiators with in-depth knowledge of our market, and we literally  leave no stone unturned in  negotiating the very best outcome for you.  
  4. Settlement 
    Time to celebrate the next chapter of your life!