Why Sell With Us 

Our Story

Rhodes Realty have been part of the property landscape in Rhodes for nearly two decades.  Rhodes Realty has served the communities of Rhodes, Wentworth Point, Liberty Grove from the very start of the revitalisation of these suburbs from industrial areas to modern strata communities. 

 Our intimate knowledge and deep appreciation of the lifestyle benefits of your area position us as the market experts, our finger is really on the pulse of market changes,  and we  know every apartment building inside and out. This enviable local expertise means not only can we deliver accurate price estimates to our clients, but our enthusiasm for our market is infectious to the buyers we work with.  

Our office location is arguably the best in town- a local landmark where buyers can browse our window, drop in for a chat with our team-  you benefit from our high profile location, as our office is literally a 24/7 sales person.  

Our longevity in the Homebush Bay precinct and our focus on delivering outstanding communication and service to our clients, means that the majority of our business is repeat and referral.  Our focus is not on having the most listings, or even the most sales in the area- we are dedicated to building partnerships of trust  with our clients, so that you will rave to your friends, family and colleagues about your experience with us.  

We know that the easiest way for agents to win business is to value your property at a high price and then adjust your expectations-  working hard to convince you that the market has slowed, there is a disappointing lack of interest or some other economic change. This can be costly to you as you have paid for an advertising campaign where the initial high impact is lost because of overpricing, you have to make more mortgage repayments or you  lose the opportunity to purchase a property elsewhere that you have your heart set on as your sale took longer than expected.  

We prefer to give accurate, educated appraisals to build a relationship of trust. This means that sometimes, we lose business because we don’t build false expectations. Of course,  we are competitive, but our effort is  focused on  getting the best price by leaving no stone unturned, ensuring we get the very best deal for you, not adjusting your expectations.  Trust and respect in all of our dealings also mean that buyers return to us to sell or manage their investment properties. 

When you choose Rhodes Realty to sell your home or your valuable investment, you can be assured we are with you every step of the way, providing regular updates on buyer feedback,  response to marketing and the prevailing market conditions and working tirelessly to achieve the best pricing when negotiating on your behalf.